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Welcome to our ‘Write for Us Gaming‘ platform, FlixHQ, where we embrace all creatives who have a flair for writing conclusive content in Gaming. But before we dive into the thrilling universe that intertwines the worlds of writing and Gaming. 

Lookout all expert Gaming our platform is reaching for your unique views! Join our vibrant society by contributing to our “Write for Us Gaming” segment. We’re looking for original, engaging content that resonates with our gaming audience. Tackle topics such as gaming reviews, cutting-edge gaming technology, eSports strategies, or the cultural impact of Gaming. Share your insights, tips, walkthroughs, and personal gaming anecdotes with a growing readership eager for fresh content.

Why Should You Write For Us Gaming?

Nowadays, we should consider “Write for Us Gaming,” specifically about “gaming” Here’s the tender part. First, Gaming has blown up in popularity over the last decade, and it continues to expand in new proportions. Writing about the latest games, trends, and tech in the industry will always keep you in the line of your seat.

Moreover, the gaming community is a successful one that is excited about fresh content and opinion. Your writing could be the experiences of millions of gamers about the world. Plus, what’s better than combining your passion for Gaming with your skill for crafting arresting records?

Why Should You Write For Us?

Well, in all intentness, selecting to “Write for Us Gaming” is becoming part of a society that values individualism, creativity, and creativity over everything else. We press our writers to provide unique wisdom and get new ideas.

With our wide-ranging audience, writing for us could situate your name on the map in the gaming world. So, even if you’re looking to create your blog or want to give to an ever-growing society, we’re looking forward to keeping you on board.

Who Can Submit Posts to Games?

Anyone who loves Gaming! Whether you are pro gaming with insider tricks up your sleeve, a designer looking to share perspicuity into the ins and outs of game creation, or a significant lover who can discuss and explore games like pros, we’re looking for you. We ask that you write genuine, human-like content with a unique perspective.

Tips for Submitting Your Article Policies

Submitting Your Article Guidelines

Hey there! If you’re as excited as I am to share your knowledge, wisdom, or articles with our audience via an article published, I’ve got some useful tips. By following these guidelines,

Compelling and Unique Content:

When writing your blog post, think about what grips and excites you. Write content that is not just unique but also of the most elevated quality. Remember, the more you want to write it, the more your readers will appreciate reading it. Trust me, copying existing blogs or copying from other sources won’t referee your creativity. We take plagiarism seriously, and we manually check for it to maintain the authenticity of our platform.

Effective Use of Headings:

Organizing your article is crucial for reader engagement. Use H2, H3, and H4 headers to break your blog into digestible sections. This will help guide texts through your blog and make their journey slicker.

Proofreading for Errors:

I know how easily typos can sneak into your writing, but a polished and professional article is what we’re aiming for. So, before you hit that submit button, proofread your work at least twice. Review for spelling, sentence, and grammatical errors to offer our texts a lovely reading experience.

Eye-Catchy Title:

The title is the first something that catches a reader’s attention. Craft an eye-catching and concise title under 50 to 60 characters to optimize its SEO possibility. A captivating title not only engages the readers but also improves the chances of your article being discovered.

Minimum Word Count and Links:

Your article should be substantial, with a minimum of 700 words. You can include one relevant link, but please ensure it adds value to the readers and isn’t just for promotional purposes. Affiliate links won’t fly here.

Copyright and Image Guidelines:

When adding images, make sure they are copyright-free. If attribution is required, provide proper credit. The recommended image sizes are 1200×768 pixels for the featured photo and 750×450 pixels for in-content images. This keeps things consistent across our platform.

Enhancing with Videos:

Consider spicing up your article with relevant videos. Adding videos can take your content to the next level, making it more engaging and informative.

Exclusivity and Republishing:

We want original content, so please don’t submit articles that have already been posted elsewhere. Also, if your blog is published on our site, kindly refrain from sharing it on other platforms, FlixHQ.

Internal and External Links:

Feel free to include internal and external links where they add weight to your blog and align with the titles. We love it when you provide textbooks with more resources, but place, there must be more than irrelevant or excessive linking.

Language Requirement:

To guarantee we reach a wider audience, please write your post in English. That’s the language we use on our platform, FlixHQ.

By following these blog submission guidelines and sharing your article here: info.flixhq@gmail.com, you’re not just ensuring your essay aligns with our quality standards, but you’re also maximizing its impact on our readers. We genuinely appreciate your contribution and can’t wait to receive your compelling content. So, let your creativity flow, and let’s make your article shine!

Keep this in Mind Before Writing for Us

Before you jump-start your writing journey with us, heed these golden nuggets of advice.

Ensure your original content: We’re not fans of the copy-paste tactic. The more authentic your content, the better.

Have fun with it: Authenticity comes from enjoying the process and letting your passion shine through your words.

Please pay attention to detail: Whether it’s a game review or an article on gaming technology, let your readers walk away well-informed.

“None” of those redundant repeated phrases. Balance your language usage. Keep it unpredictable yet straightforward.

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